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Freshness locked in.                                 

Meet Silo

The new way to take care of your food.

Silo is an incredibly simple vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresher, longer.

Featuring one-touch vacuum technology combined with voice enabled interface (Alexa built-in!), seamlessly connecting your kitchen and ensuring your fresh market finds and leftovers last 2-5 times longer. Silo's connectivity allows easy access to knowing what you have, how long it's good for, and what you need to reorder – giving you true control over your kitchen and your food.



Saving the world starts in your kitchen

Nearly 50% of our produce ends up in the trash.

All too often, the food in our kitchen goes bad before we have a chance to enjoy it. "Best before," "use by," and "once opened" dates on food labels cause confusion more than anything. Silo’s innovative technology offers a seamless solution to this everyday problem – how to get the most out of the food in your fridge, without having to think too much about it. 


Silo slows down food spoilage that is caused by oxidation and bacteria, giving you 2-5x longer to enjoy your fresh produce, delicious leftovers, and farmers market finds. With Silo there’s more food in the fridge and less waste in the landfill.



With one touch, keep your food fresh for up to 5x longer

Air is good for people, but bad for food.

Silo's easy-to-use deep vacuum seamlessly sucks out the air and creates a seal that is only broken when you open the valve, keeping food fresh for up to a week longer than typical plastic containers.


Silo’s unique vacuum technology offers a simple, effective way to store all types of food, as well as liquids and small particles. By suctioning from the bottom, Silo brings industrial food storage capabilities into your kitchen.



Introducing your kitchen's personal assistant

Don't let that expiration date sneak up on you.

With Alexa built-in, Silo can do anything from give food freshness updates to read you the news. Silo’s app includes inventory and consumption tracking as well as storage suggestions.


Food stored in Silo’s containers is automatically weighed and tagged, so you know how much you have and how long it's good for. That means that when you're in the supermarket, you'll know what you have in the fridge - and if it's still good - with the swipe of a finger.

Revolutionarily simple patented one-touch deep vacuum technology​​ 

Inventory and consumption tracking, freshness alerts, and automated food repurchase

Seals and stores liquids and small particle grains with absolutely no clogging

Highest quality BPA-free  plastic containers are

dishwasher + microwave safe

Operated by voice control with Alexa built-in, also functions as your kitchen's smart hub

Smart tagging and tracking app so you always know what you have - and if it's fresh

Lock in your leftovers, and lock in your pre-order.

Limited spots available for Silo's next batch.


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