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Meet Silo

The new way to take care of your food.

Silo is an incredibly simple vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresher, longer.

Featuring one-touch vacuum technology combined with voice enabled interface (Alexa built-in!), seamlessly connecting your kitchen and ensuring your fresh market finds and leftovers last 2-5 times longer. Silo's connectivity allows easy access to knowing what you have, how long it's good for, and what you need to reorder – giving you true control over your kitchen and your food.


Revolutionarily simple patented one-touch deep vacuum technology​​ 

Inventory and consumption tracking, freshness alerts, and automated food repurchase

Seals and stores liquids and small particle grains with absolutely no clogging

Highest quality BPA-free  plastic containers are

dishwasher + microwave safe

Operated by voice control with Alexa built-in, also functions as your kitchen's smart hub

Smart tagging and tracking app so you always know what you have - and if it's fresh

Lock in your leftovers, and lock in your pre-order.

Limited spots available for Silo's next batch.


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