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10 Kitchen Gadgets for Under $50

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

So you’re graduating from your 20’s. Congrats on this weird milestone! In ushering in this achievement, in recent months you may have noticed a few funny thing starts to happen:

1. You may have a newfound appreciation for supplements and vitamins

2. A night of Netflix binging becomes so much more appealing than a night out

3. Spending money on nesting - i.e., things for your kitchen and home - is far more satisfying than shopping for clothes could ever be.

To scratch those late-night nesting shopping urges, the question becomes: “What do I buy for my house that won’t cannibalize all of my space and that will I actually use?”

Worry not - we’re here to help you answer that very question.

Here’s Silo’s list of 10 creative kitchen appliances that will help you feel like you’re really #adulting.

1. Kitchen dock

Cooking is as much about the journey as it is the destination. We’ve found that some music and perhaps some cooking tips along the way help a lot. It can be difficult to cook, swipe, and keep everything tidy while doing so. While the kitchen doc is by no means the most conventional kitchen product, we think it’s stunning, functional and a strong lifestyle upgrade to any home.

2. Toast a bag:

Why purchase a panini pan or press when you can slide that bad boy sandwich into a bag, pop it in the toaster, and voila! The toaster bag is perfect for a cabin getaway or as a safe way for your kid prepare their own meal without an open flame.

3. NutriBullet

It’s impossible to find a kitchen gadget connoisseur who doesn’t proselytize the nutri blender.

This blender is designed to quickly blend fruit and vegetables and is easy to use and clean. It is an effective solution for making quick, well-blended smoothies as it breaks down pulp into juice for optimal nutrients.

4. Cut resistant gloves:

These are absolutely crucial for any fast-chopping chef or any parent wanting to start with training wheels when it comes to teaching their kid to use the kitchen. This may not be the cutest kitchen buy, but there’s nothing overrated about safety.

5. Cordless electric kettle

Indeed, there’s something very satisfying about the hum of a tea kettle that’s just come to boil, but sometimes you just want to heat some hot water while you get ready for work without the worry of a small kitchen fire.

6. Electric potato peeler:

Save yourself the time, pain, and confusion (how do you get the bottom?!) of peeling potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Perhaps not the most practical item on our list, but pretty amazing and a huge timesaver for the potluck potato salad makers among us.

7. Electric spiralizer:

Anyone who has replaced their pasta with zucchini or squash, knows well the usefulness of an electric spiralizer. Just pop in your veggie of choice and out comes veggie spirals which can be cooked, topped in sauces or mixed in with your meals for a little creative zest.

8. Olive and cherry pitter

If you’re a normal human being, then you most likely have an aversion to swallowing pits.

An olive and cherry pitter is cheap, easy to use and sure to do the trick. Also, a really easy, not-so-destructible way of de-pitting for kids, and definitely a less polarizing alternative to the mommy bird method.

9. Avocado slicer

The avocado slicer is a gift to kitchens everywhere. This gadget makes it even easier for you to get at that beloved avocado. With a built in de-pitter and scooper, not a drop of avocado goodness will go to waste.

10. Salad and salsa master chopper:

It’s absolutely mind boggling to imagine that the genius of the Salad chopper has yet to hit every single kitchen around the world. This gadget is laughably simple, but it does the whole trick when it comes to quick salad prep and will guarantee that you eat healthier.

Wishing you much success in your and your kitchen’s newfound maturity. Happy cooking!


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