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Silo Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign

What a Day to go live!:

It’s only fitting that on World Food Day, Silo makes its Kickstarter debut.

After three years of brainstorms, trips around the world to source the best materials + partners, industry conferences, investor hunting, team building, too many software and hardware revisions to count, beta user testing, and many, many tester strawberries, we have the product we’ve always dreamed of: the product you didn’t even know you were missing - until now.

No Better Place to Start:

As avid Kickstarter supporters ourselves, we knew this community would be on board with the Silo vision. We want to reach tech early adopters, design fanatics, smart home enthusiasts, hardcore foodies, and mindful individuals who are over the status quo.

If you’re new to Kickstarter, but need to be a part of this food revolution, we have included the Kickstarter about us page to get you up to snuff on how campaigns work. For specifics having to do with the Silo product, please see our FAQ page.

Why Silo Exists:

One third of all food goes in the trash. And most of this waste happens in our homes. Most often, it’s because food goes bad or is forgotten before we get the chance to enjoy it. To date, no one has offered a real, workable solution to this major problem. Household food storage itself needs to be reinvented. Which is exactly what we’ve done.

Enter Silo, your new countertop staple. Silo is a revolutionarily simple vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresher, longer. Its patented one-touch vacuum technology combined with the IoT infrastructure (Alexa built-in!) ensures your farmers market finds and holiday leftovers last 2-5 times longer.

It also automatically tags and tracks your food: with Silo you’ll always know what you have - and it will remind you to eat that bag of baby spinach before it goes bad. Naturally, Silo is accompanied by a mobile app, so you can manage your fridge and pantry on the go.

Keep up to date with all of Silo’s campaign announcements on our Kickstarter page. Please be in touch at with any inquiries or feedback!


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