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Silo's Hacks for Surviving Thanksgiving

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

While October is for makeshift witch hats and a few bags of stale chocolate, November comes in roaring with its long list of “do grocery stores even carry this?!” kind of cooking.

There’s a million and one reasons to ignore the Thanksgiving holiday so that it drifts into the ether of holidays past, but there’s something so undeniably satisfying about perfecting a stuffing - even if only once a year.

Here’s how Silo can help you to ease those holiday pains and maybe, just maybe, give your pumpkin pie a fighting chance.

1. Shop in advance

We promise you, that “secret grocery store” across town WILL NOT be so secret the day before Thanksgiving. Your fellow shoppers will be tired, mad at the world, and dangerous, so why join the masses? What you can do is shop in advance and ensure all of your ingredients stay fresh for cooking day.

How, you ask?

Time for our first plug. Shameless? Yes. True? Also, yes. Silo’s deep-vacuum technology can keep your ingredients fresh for up to 5x longer, and with fresh tracking alerts to your phone, you can get a notice every time the kids get into the marshmallows that you were saving for the yams. And more importantly, it’ll know when you cooked them, and therefore will be able to tell you exactly how long the leftovers will be good for after the madness.

2. Pre-prep vegetables

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day - and nor should anything great be. So why leave all of your Thanksgiving prep for the 23rd or, if you're really a free spirit, the morning of the 24th (gasp!).

Get a leg up on all of that Thanksgiving work by prepping while you go. If you find yourself in the kitchen waiting for a frozen pizza to cook, or hot water to boil, pre chop some veggies. Again, and we’re sorry, but not really: you can keep this prepped food as fresh as the day you chopped it with Silo’s deep vacuum technology.

3. Pre-cook and freeze your mashed potatoes

If you love your mashed potatoes all buttery and creamy, your freezer is right there with you. The butter and cream in mash potatoes actually allows this dish to preserve when frozen. This means you can make a batch of mashed potatoes this very moment, deep vacuum them with Silo and pop that container in the freezer until the 24th.

Vacuum and coldness have combined effects, so to maximize freshness, you should still refrigerate/freeze your perishable foods - even once you’ve vacuum sealed them.

4. Marinate with a deep vacuum

In case you left the the whole flavoring thing for last minute, you can do quick marination in Silo’s deep vacuum. It will take minutes instead of a day for food to fully marinate with vacuum. While a full turkey will not fit even Silo’s biggest containers, a whole chicken can, so can turkey pieces and other sides.

Try this trick on bell peppers and mushrooms. Your vegetarian cousin will thank you.

5. Make your own food traditions

If a turkey doesn’t fit your kitchen repertoire, why push it? Thanksgiving is about creating your own family kitchen traditions and making the dishes that are authentic to you.

Green beans aren’t a fave? Switch to brussel sprouts! Is your turkey always the consistency of dry wood? Salmon works too.

We would even recommend using ingredients that you eat and buy regularly, rather than wasting money on ingredients that won’t be put to use. Your Silo will actually tag and track these foods so that you can get alerts for when you need to re-up on any of your regular grocery store purchases.

The best part of family food traditions is that leftovers won’t go to waste because they’ve been tailored to your family’s pallet. With Silo you can keep your leftovers fresh for up to 5x longer so that you can have a few less days of cooking and more days of relaxation during the holiday season.

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