Senior Backend Developer

Silo are looking for a Senior Backend Developer!

Have you ever dreamed of creating, mastering and owning your applications? Building a system used by tens of thousands of customers from scratch? Are you passionate about creating the ultimate user experience and design with your own hands? 


We at Silo, a funded Israeli startup from Tel Aviv, are looking for a backend developer that shares our vision. Come join us for a journey into the world of IoT!

The Team:

Silo's software team is a small and intimate team of five fun loving people who enjoys striving together, who always push each other to become better and who respects each other’s work-life balance.  

We are constantly learning new technologies to be ahead, along with appreciation and respect for the old ones, to keep us modest and understand what got us this far.

We have the challenge and responsibility for our B2C products to be as good as possible and as bullet proof as possible. When it comes to coding - Clean Code is our bible and Uncle Bob is our Moses; and we admire good engineering / architecture.


And to come everyday to work smiling. And laughing. A lot.

The Job:
  • Be part of a team that starts everything from scratch - own your applications!

  • Define and develop 30-50 server-side applications in a services / microservices oriented environment

  • Take charge of end-to-end features, all the way from our physical devices to our mobile applications

  • Discuss about Avengers 4 rumours (no spoilers allowed)

  • Define and launch our infrastructure on AWS (Docker and Serverless)

  • Handle security and GDPR requirements

  • Scale up our data pipelines and real time monitoring

  • Search and research new technologies/solutions

  • Help the team become better developers!

  • 3+ years of experience - a must !

  • Experience with both offline processes and online web applications - a must!

  • Experience with at least one cloud provider - a must!

  • Experience with JavaScript/NodeJS - a huge plus!

  • Experience with C++ - a huge plus!

  • Experience with at least two server side languages (Java/RoR/Node/Python) - a huge plus!

  • A relevant degree - a plus!

  • Experience with high scale / distributed applications - a plus!

  • An open mind to learn new technologies

  • Experience working in a startup/agile environment

  • A dark sense of humor is always welcome :)

send resumes to jobs@heysilo.com