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7 #Mealprep Gurus We Should All be Following

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

If you’ve ever had the feeling that every corner of the internet is occupied by food, eating, wellness and recipes, know that you are not alone. While the endless barrage of vegan chocolate cookie recipes and skinny girl tacos can feel a bit overwhelming and unattainable, there is one corner of this foodie world that actually feels a bit like a real-person respite, and, dare we say - a place we want to be.

The meal prep gurus of Instagram have found a foodie format which is approachable, manageable and might actually make your life easier all the while saving you money. While there’s no shortage of dieticians and fitness coaches online, finding a meal prep influencer to take after is not as straightforward.

We’ve curated a list of 7 meal prep masters who might very well change your life. (Or, at the very least, make your feed much more colorful.)

1. Meowmeix: Amanda Meixner is perhaps one of the most re-posted in the meal-prep game - and for good reason. She so brilliantly mixes all-too-relatable inspiration posts, food prep gold, and recipes catered to anyone from vegans to high-protein eaters.

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2. College Nutritionist: Rachel Paul holds a Phd in Nutrition and Dietetics and offers a glorious plethora of eating, cooking, and wellness tips for students and average-joes trying to change their eating habits. Her page is riddled with everything from cheap meal prep ideas to grocery store escapades that make food shopping look almost not so bad (almost).

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3. Meal Prep Manual: Josh Cortis is an absolute gem in the meal-prep world in that he writes out full recipes, divides his images into lunch and dinner and offers options for weight loss and weight gain. This page will make you see classic recipes in a whole new light with the full breakdown of calories, protein and fat. His recipes are varied and honestly look pretty manageable.

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4. Clean Food Crush: Rachel Maser is the undisputed queen of clean eating fun. She uses wholesome ingredients to offer healthy and simple alternatives to your favorite recipes from meatloaf to sushi bowls, and so-many stir fries. Visit her page to get lost in vibrant, mouthwatering content.

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5. Marek Fitness: Marek’s page is a winning combination of meal prep and fitness. He offers meals for the full day and, without ignoring snacks and craving realness, he breaks down the calories for daily intake. His page is the go-to for vegetarian prep as he focuses on well-rounded and nutritional recipes. He’s got some of the most creative content concepts (say that 3x fast!) in the meal prep world.

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6. Damn Delicious: We are the biggest fans of Chungah Rhee’s recipes, super-simple to follow video content, and her corgi, Butters (we know!), so we’re just going to preemptively deem her meal prep recipe book an absolute game changer. From mushroom ramen to korean beef tacos and french onion soup, there is nothing this woman can’t do.

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Test out a few of these feeds and recipes to find the meal prep guru that best fits your lifestyle. Happy Prepping!

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